Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Back catalogue..

Lovely aren't they ?
They have survived a dunking in the mud last week: you'd need to read mummymishaps blog by Jenny Paulin to find out about that. Just the thing for this lovely weather and coral or associated shades are the new black...
They are quite glittery so for those of you who don't do high heels, this is the easiest way to glam up an outfit and not compromise on comfort.

(Primark £8)

Website tip included!

Style: Casual
Glam factor : 7/10 (these jeans are POWER stretch ladies !!)
Comfort rating: 8/10 (all that lycra makes it easy to wear and eat)
Today I wore a failsafe combo of snug fitting jeans with a cream stretch lace blouse and my trusty brown boots. The jeans are from Mango in Barcelona and the blouse is from a site called 'Everything Five Pounds'- yes it really is!! One of my students told me about it and although you have to trawl through stuff, it's worth a look for a little fashion pick me up for the cost of a glass of sauvignon blanc.
This is the first pair of jeans I've bought for about two years as most fit so badly on my backside or waist. They are labelled as powerstretch and they fit brilliantly. And less than £40 Style : Elektra. In the sale last week for £20 What are you waiting for ??? (Of course, I couldn't resist another pair in grey for the winter.)

Reet x

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Tuesday 10th July

Going to watch the YD* at a dress rehearsal for a dance exam and then to see the GM so I decided to wear  what's really a winter outfit, brrrr. The jumper dress was one of my Xmas presents from GM (he's into fashion too) and the leggings are navy blue with a very slight sheen with a nice fit. They're just from Sainsbury's and I have two pairs cos they're so versatile under dresses and long tops. The boots were a bargain in the sales from River Island (£50). Worn them to death !

Can't believe I'm wearing a wool dress in July. (It's from Monsoon, probably my all time favourite shop btw)

*Youngest daughter

Monday, 9 July 2012

Best bargain of the year so far..

I bought this dress on Ebay for £4.99 plus about £2 P&P. it's from Next. Worn it loads. Here I am in Boadas in Barcelona wearing it and accessorising with a Bellini.

Favourite stuff...

Well I do have quite a few things I've bought this year and since I'm always trying not to buy any more clothes, i thought I'd share some of my fashion purchases.
My Desigual raincoat was a great buy. This is a Spanish fashion brand that's really popular over there. I got into it after buying a dress in a tiny one off shop in Exeter last year. They do wild prints and patchwork mostly. The coat was about £120 on the website but my GM* found one for me on EBay for about £60.I took it to Barcelona and wore it - came in very handy in the showers. It's really light and easy to roll up and stick in a bag. Here I am wearing it in Barcelona outside a fantastic fan and glove shop.

*Gorgeous man

Monday 9th July

Today's outfit: Black leggings/Animal print tunic/Cream cardigan/grey ankle boots
Style: Casual
Glam Factor: 5/10
Comfort factor: 8/10

 This outfit is a current fave due to the comfort factor and practical nature. It's easy to chuck on and requires no ironing if you make sure you take it straight out of the machine and fold it well. I'm a minefield of this space!
I reckon the total cost of this outfit was £55 including the boots
Boots : Treds Approx £30 in the sale
Tunic: Sainsbury's (25% discount) £12
Leggings : Asda About £8
Cardigan : £5 Primarni

I did say I'm a woman on a budget! This outfit won't get Hilary Alexander rushing to her local supermarket but it's real everyday outfit that nods to fashion and is actually wearable. It can be glammed up a bit with high heels or wedges and a sparkly top.
Reet X